Horizon 2020 MSCA-ITN-2015-ETN


  • BANDO / CALL n.2/2017 ON 20/03/2017: “Development of a plug-in interface to store and retrieve data between the PoC BBDiag diagnostic tool and the DECIDE platform (www.eu-decide.eu) for subject’s telemonitoring. Development of a blood biomarker diagnostic database from devices developed in the BBDiag project. Expansion of the DECIDE big data techniques and algorithms to manage, process, and integrate information collected from the mentioned BBDiag devices and those matured in previous trials (electroencephalographic, neuroimaging, clinical, cognitive, behavioral, etc.)”



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Seminario: "How to wire a neural circuit: Neurexins and beyond" - Prof. Thomas Südhof – Nobel Laureate - Stanford Neurosciences Institute - Edificio di Farmacologia Medica Aula A...

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